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My friends and family call me by the nickname MO. I am a potter, mom of 2, and former art teacher. 


My pottery journey started in high school where I had an amazing ceramics teacher who taught me the trade for 3 years. I went on to graduate from Marywood University with my BFA in Ceramics in 2014, and I received my Masters in Arts Teaching from Tufts University in 2016. From there, I had an on and off relationship with pottery in multiple different places. From Boston to DC then back to Boston, to Pittsburgh and now Lancaster, PA. I've created my pieces in community studios, in apartments, in basements, and now I will be moving into a dedicated studio space come the New Year. I couldn't be more excited!


I create functional pottery that can be handled regularly, and interacts with its user.  Most importantly, enjoyed by people daily.  I am always thinking of new ideas, forms, and vessels. 


My goal is simple…create beautiful, stable pieces that bring enjoyment to anyone who uses them!

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